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Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty - 4" CRYPTIC CODE


Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty - 4" CRYPTIC CODE - GHOST WRITERS

This is SOOOOOO COOL - even I want to use this!   Write secret messages/code into putty with the Glow Charger (incuded).

Cryptography is an ancient art that’s been used throughout the ages to create secret messages. Nowadays, it’s mostly used for digital password and security encryptions, but Cryptic Code Thinking Putty® brings back the mystery.

The included Glow Charger® turns the bright orange putty to a deep purple which quickly fades away—making it perfect for covert communications of all kinds.

More suited to responsible teens and adults who could use it and then put it back in the tin. Not for those who are likely to wander around with it, dropping it, putting it down etc. Can stain and stick to clothing and objects so bear that in mind when deciding if suitable for the user.  

Please note that the tins are not full, in fact don't fill half the tin.  These are made in USA and the nature of the product, not a fault.  As a result in transit the putty can distribute around the tin making it look empty.  It may look as if its leaked out but it wont have.  You just need to gather up the putty into a form again.  

8+ - keep away from 3 and under years of age due to choking hazard.