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Oil Slick Spinner Bundle - Huge Saving

Original price $114.80
Current price $79.95

This awesome bundle of our best selling oil slick finish fidget spinners is sure to light up any spinner lover. 

Our range focuses not just on the 'spin' but also the quality of finish and bearing performance (not all spinners are equal) and we also source a different weights to provide varied feedback to the hand.  In addition some of our spinners have removable 'arms' to allow you to mix up the feedback.  When one or more are removed and offset the spin is imbalanced and 'jolty'.  This is often helpful in resetting when dysregulating or stressed. 


The Spinner Bundle contains

  • Oil Slick Bubble Wheel Spinner 24.95
  • Oil Slick Mega Cog 39.95
  • Oil Slick Cog 19.95
  • Oil Slick Spinner Cube 29.95

Value 114.80 for only 79.95   SAVE 34.85


The Mega Spinner Bundle contains

  • Oil Slick Bubble Wheel Spinner 24.95
  • Oil Slick Mega Cog 39.95
  • Oil Slick Cog 19.95
  • Oil Slick Spinner Cube 29.95
  • Oil Slick Flywheel Spinner 29.95
  • Oil Slick Blade Spinner 49.95
  • Oil Slick Coginator 59.95
  • Oil Slick Ferris Wheel Spinner 34.95

Value 294.60 for only 209.95  SAVE 84.65

Please refer to each individual product page for more information, care instructions and more videos. 

These are suitable for teens and adults and due to small parts should not be given to 3 years and under due to choking risk.