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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders
Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders

Revolver Spinner - 108 grams

Original price $34.00
Current price $27.00

This is wonderfully weighted spinner which is amazing. You can remove the "bullets" of the spinner to change the weight distribution for different sensations when in use. It will become a firm fav! Check out the video.

The round tips of the ‘bullets’ stick out slightly when inside the spinner so you can rub slightly raised domes on one side and can feel the flay tops of the ‘bullets’ on the other side. There is resistance on removing and putting the bullets back in the  ‘bullets’ due to rubber rings around its middle.  All added sensory input & increases the tactile experience.

Please note - this is NOT one to take in hand luggage on an aircraft. The airport security teams are not all that fussed on letting you take it on board due to it resembling a component of a gun. (Thanks Andrew for the heads up - he had his confiscated before boarding eek!)

If wanting to take a spinner on board a plane my recommendations are the wheel spinner (it functions as close to this one in term of feel and ability to counter balance) OR  the mega cog (in terms of smooth, weighted spin).

"Easily my favourite fidget. Feels great, looks great, and is very high quality. Was worried on ordering it would be too large but it's just right in my small-ish hands. Had a small issue where I accidentally took out the spinning cover and a bit of dust got inside, making it a bit loud, but a little dielectric grease fixed it right up and now it's dead silent again. Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.  Luca July 2023"

The centre part is aluminium for the sliver and gold cog, black powder coated stainless steel in the black cog & treated stainless steel in the oil slick cog. The inner cog is stainless steel in all. Please note the process applied to oil slick the metal means that each cogs colour may vary significantly from individual cog to individual cog.

Not suitable for children under 10 years old.

Keeping the fidgets sanitised. - They are fine to wipe , ours regularly go through washing machine, the trick is to wipe excess moisture off them. If left wet/damp (eg in washing machine lol) they can rust in appearance a little but generally does not affect function. wiping with an antibacterial wipe or damp cloth then drying off thoroughly is the key.