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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders
Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders

Stretch DC Hero - Batman, Superman or Flash - Super cool version of the ICONIC original Stretch Armstrong

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Great stretch resistance.  Perfect for those Stretch him, tie him in knots, he will always go back to his original shape.

Release, and Stretch retracts back to his normal size and shape. Select from one of Stretch Batman, Flash or Superman.  Wrap up and stretch with his own legs and arms - let go, and he frees himself and returns to his original shape. Ages 5+.


The ultimate crime fighting superheros are back in giant Stretch form! Stretch him, pull him, tie him in knots. When you release him he uses his amazing stretch to slowly return to his normal shape.

Have amazing, super stretchy fun with this fully stretchable large Batman, Flash or Superman figure!


The Dark Knight of Gotham fights harder, thinks smart and now even stretches further to combat crime wherever it hides!   This 10 inch stretchy figure from Character is incredibly stretchy and can even be tied into knots before returning to his original shape. Grab this caped crusader today and get to work cleaning up the streets of Gotham from the nefarious schemes of the Riddler!  

Product Features:

  • For ages 5 plus
  • Fully stretchable figure
  • Returns to original shape

Please note painted on features can wear off over time.  This is normal wear and tear, not fault.