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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders
Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders

Spikey Massage Roller & Ball for Feet, Hands & Body

Original price $34.90
Current price $29.95

These Spikey Rollers & Balls have many therapeutic applications.   We have been asked to get a fidget /sensory tool for the feet specifically so the peanut shape especially ideal for this.  

Both the 'peanut' shaped one and simple ball shape are both awesome for massaging the feet, hands and body.  These are FIRM & don't flex.  

"The firm texture of these are perfect for me as I am using them for harm minimisation. The spikes are very intense and am thinking of putting the ball in the freezer. Great product. Rachel S Sept 2023" 

Wide ranging effects & benefits can be achieved by applying varying pressure, direction & speed to the various parts of the body.  These can also be used as a sensory tool & fidget.  Due to the hard 'spikes' may be helpful for those that like HIGH sensory input & pain to regulate.  

Great for - 

  • Massage & deep sensory input to soothe sore muscles, reduce tension & help calm
  • Targeting key presure points
  • Sensory desensitisation
  • Harm minimisation  - storng sensory input & 'hurt without harm" 
  • Helps promote tactile awareness
  • The spikes stimilate sensory receptors & circulation
  • Especially effective on hands & feet (for sensory integration & regulation)