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NDIS can be Overwhelming

NDIS can be Overwhelming

NDIS can be overwhelming. I know it is for me personally navigating it for my family. The fact you even have navigated into the system is amazing and you should know you’ve done a great job, as that alone is HARD.

I get asked so frequently – are we allowed to get these items and/or have items refused as part of funding for some that are plan managed - here are my take homes I got from doing recent training around the topic i thought I would share. Highly recommend though, you do the training yourself. Sam from the Growing Space is incredible & so knowledgeable (both from personal experience and professionally) and she runs online courses on it as we each take home different things and her examples and checklist and suggestions SO worth it. Please note my ponderings below aren’t advice and there is more to it of course but in case its helpful here they are. Did you know you can also just self-manage this part of your plan and leave the rest plan managed? It certainly gives greater flexibility if you’re running into stress around consumables.

My personal take homes …. Section 34 of the NDIS Act only applies what goes in the plan not what its spent on once funded from what i understand & the overarching United Nations Convention that underpins the Act is around choice and control.

My understanding of the legislation /ACT that underpins it all is as long as the participant can confirm YES to each of the below they are allowed to use their core funding/consumables for items such as regulation tools and sensory supports.

I recommend for any participant they keep a copy of their responses attached to each of their invoices should an audit take place all that information is in place. Please excuse the language below - i am framing it in NDIS language (which can be icky IMO)

• Do I need this because of my disability? (ie i wouldn’t need to buy it otherwise)

• In line with your NDIS Plan Does it make sense with what's written in the NDIS Plan?

• Meeting your needs - Will it help you do things you want to do to live a good life?

• Affordable Can I afford the support within my support budget and plan?

• Most appropriate funding body -Is it something that should be funded by the NDIS and not other government services like dental, health or hospital services, education, housing or public transport?

• Is it safe? Is it safe and legal? It should not hurt you or put yourself or others at risk.

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