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Cog Unisex Necklace with stainless steel heavy metal chain. 55 grams


Cog Necklace - these 3 interlinked cogs move in unison when moved but the fingers. 

We have had numerous requests to somehow create a cog fidget necklace. The hard thing is the cogs have a bearing centre that makes it super tricky to still spin whiles securing through the centre of the pendant.   Not exactly the same as our cog fidget, however the concept is the same with a moving cog.   

Some turn these side ways and rub or roll over chest area to create an 'ouch' to give high sensory input and minimise self harm.  

The chain is quite weighted  - approx. 30 grams and the pendant is approx 25 grams.

WE hope you love the cog necklace