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Double Sided Sensory Massage Glove - massage roller side & Spikey side


This double sided sensory massage glove has many therapeutic applications.
Can be used to massage hands, feet and body.  

It is black in colour making it a discreet for all ages.  Hand slips easily into open space and will fit almost all hand sizes.  Wide ranging effects & benefits can be achieved by applying varying pressure, direction & speed.  Also can be used as a sensory tool & fidget.

The rolling stainless steel balls are great for:

• Massage & deep sensory input to soothe sore muscles, reduce tension & help calm.
• Targeting key pressure points.
• Improving circulation.
• Cold therapy. Creates increased sensory input when the glove is put in freezer or fridge for a few hours prior to use.
• Great to use for temperature & texture sensory discrimination re-training with some neurological conditions.

Reverse side has flexible ‘spikes’ which are great for:

• Dry brushing & massage.
• Sensory desensitisation.
• Harm minimisation : Strong sensory input & ‘hurt without harm’.
• Exfoliation & circulation.

It fits most hand sizes and is made from flexible pvc material & stainless steel rolling balls.

It can be easily washed or sanitised between uses.

They are designed for 'brushing' & rolling on skin/body, not so much for fidgeting, flexing.    Please note if the spikey side is used excessively or really hard repeatedly on one area it can cause abrasions to the skin.  Please monitor use for safely.  Should not be used over active wounds also.  

Recommended for use for 12 plus.   If the glove is flexed it can pop the stainless steel balls out of the casing.  Generally, unless broken, they can be clipped back in.  Not suitable warnings for children under 3 years of age.