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EOFY Sale | Spend $100 - save 8% spend $200 - save 15% Spend $300 - save 18% Spend $500 - save 22%

Fabric Chew Band for the Neck


Chew Bands are made from terry cloth & are a super absorbent.  They can be worn around the neck or doubled up on the wrist.  This is a single band & random colour  sent unless specified in notes. 

Designed by therapists for mild to moderate chewers and are a great way to provide an alternative to chewing on clothing , shirts sleeves, fingers & other items. Unlike other chews, these soak up drool, keeping shirts dry even after extended periods of chewing. Ideal for oral-focused kids who prefer terrycloth to silicone chews.

Chew Bands come in vibrant color design with easy open and close loops can be worn individually or in multiples.

Designed for those who need to chew or bite clothing for calm and focus and helps with anxiety, biting, self-injury, sensory-seeking.

Made of super-absorbent materials that soak up moisture and keep shirts dry, even after long periods of drooling.

 They are machine-washable, making them practical and hygenic.  The are velco fastening for safety. 

Approx 23 cm in length & 2cm in diameter. 

100% polyester. Machine wash. Air dry.

Colours: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Note: Use with adult supervision. This item is non-returnable.

Colour chosen at random, unless specified in notes.  We will send colour requested or next closest if unavailable.  

Not suitable for 3 years adn under.