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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders
Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders

FleXorb - as seen on tik tok


Introducing FleXorb the fidget toy that's been taking social media by storm! Get ready to immerse yourself in the this unique fidget. Watch with wonder as FleXorb stretches, collapses, and bends effortlessly, offering an immersive sensory experience and endless exploration. And don't forget to marvel as it magically expands when flattened, adding an exciting element of surprise.  

Won't lie, when I first felt these I was not keen as I could see how they could be decostructed by a 'curious' human.  Then my 17 year old son Kai got his hands on my sample and has barely put it down. He LOVES it, its resistance and 'spring'. He strongly encoureaged me to order them.  It is months on and it has stood up to his use.   I will preface though, if the person using it like to pull things apart or test boundaries this might not be the best choice of fidget.

Available in three vibrant colours, random one sent unless specified in notes in the view cart stage. 

FleXorb offers a uniquely satisfying sensory journey suitable for the fidget enthusiast. Delve into a world of tactile sensations with FleXorb's cutting-edge technology, perfect for enhancing focus and providing endless entertainment. 


Item Dimensions  3.60 x 12.00 x 8.60 cm

Item Weight   43 g

Age Range   3 Years +