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EOFY Sale | Spend $100 - save 8% spend $200 - save 15% Spend $300 - save 18% Spend $500 - save 22%

Magnetic Vibe Spinner


This new addition to our line up is perfectly suited to our spinner enthusiasts.   It is a welcome addition to our obsessive spinner line up & is nxt level!  

It has a slight vibration on spin, can be used to move for a 'click' resistance & 'snaps' shut (with  thanks to a series of tiny magnets internally)  when the spin slows down.  Comes in a black in a black military style case. 

"This is a fantastic fidget... One of my faves. Its far more versatile than you think, so I suggest you experiment with how to use it because people's videos don't highlight what I think are some of its best functions. For instance, if you start spinning it between your thumb and index finger, hold the back of that same hand up against your ear. If you apply a little pressure to block the ear you'll hear and feel an intense but relaxing hummmm and vibration through your body. It's actually pretty wild and is fantastic at helping me achieve brief moments of meditation. I find it helps me interrupt moments of emotional disregulation, doom spirals, and to calm my thoughts enough to focus on one at a time. While the overall quality of the build is very good, there are things I don't like... The grooves you use for grip when spinning it can hurt after a while as the whole thing is a tad small and the plastic stem and finger/thumb rest feels both cheap and too small for adult fingers. Given the amount of strength needed to twist or start it spinning it's not a child's fidget. With that said, honestly, I'm just nitpicking. With exception to those with arthritis or carpel tunnel in their wrists and/or hands, I highly recommend this fidget to any adult who enjoys sensory stimming. Esther F April 2024"

Not suitable for 14 years and under.  Contains small magnets interally.

Has small parts and can pose a choking risk so do not give to small children 3 years and under.