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Magnetic Pad


One of our best sellers.

These are an engaging tool. The Magnetic Board promotes learning and creativity. It also builds fine motor and hand eye skills.  We initially purchased for a pre & early primary years sensory and literacy support tool however we have found they are as popular for adults as for their kids!

Use the magnetic stylus to 'lift' the magnetic balls up. To depress them just run your finger over them. Super sensory & fun as well as educational.  Spare stylus's are available separately.  Another way to use them is to turn them upside-down and rub hand across the underside.  This is a very calming sensory experience.   

When running your fingers over the little embedded balls it feels quite like popping bubble wrap... sooo satisfying.

Also fun to tilt it almost upside down and allow the 'beads' to fall into the holes and rub your hands over it. It gives a different sensation to using it the other way.

"Young and old this item is such a must. All of my clients love it regardless of age and sensory preferences. Working well to assist through challenging appointments or outings Angela P  July 2023"

Great for multi sensory literacy training. They’re a great tool for both break out tasks from homework or during therapy sessions , literacy & maths exercises, motor planning, and also super calming (like popping bubble wrap).  

The magnetic “pull” and the pushing when erasing provides input to the proprioceptive receptors in the muscles and joints of the hands.

We love that the Magnetic Board comes with a storage handle for the pen to clip into. A sensible, practical design.

The board has 380 holes each containing a tiny (and secure) magnetic ball. When you pass the stylus across the top, the mini beads are drawn to the top creating your picture.

Write your name, tracing shapes, playing noughts and crosses, practising letters or sight words, drawing your own freestyle pictures or just playing.

When you’re finished or want to erase even one individual magnet, simply press down with your finger.

The magnetic stylus promotes pencil grip.  The end on the stylus is glued in place for added safety.  

SPARE stylus’s available separately if you misplace one.  Listed separately.  

Materials : ABS & Iron, stylus has a secured (glued in) magnetic tip

Suitable for 3yrs+