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EOFY Sale | Spend $100 - save 8% spend $200 - save 15% Spend $300 - save 18% Spend $500 - save 22%
EOFY Sale | Spend $100 - save 8% spend $200 - save 15% Spend $300 - save 18% Spend $500 - save 22%

Marble Mesh Fidget Keyrings


Great for hanging on you bag, pencil case, belt or keys.  These keyrings have a marble inside a mesh casing. The marble can be pushed up and down & fidgeted between fingers. It is a quiet fidget.  A great way to keep a fidget on hand.  

Not suitable for under 3 years of age as it contains a marble & to be used under supervision. Not suitable for the mouth.

You can squeeze or slide the marble back and forth, bend, fold it, pinch the sleeve together and roll the marble.

We got this gorgeous feedback.... "It's now my favorite toy!! stops me from hairpulling/twirling entirely. i'm anxious about losing it so i gotta get a bunch haha. love this shop! Kelly 2023"

"I love this fidget! I work with students and keep one of these on my lanyard so I can provide it to students as needed. Mesh marbles are such simple but effective fidgets. Tina Nov 2023"

Made from premium quality BPA-FREE fibre and MARBLE, well knitted and durable, machine washable.

Kaiko Fidget sensory tools can assist with...

  • Supporting mental health & reducing anxiety
  • Emotional regulation & sensory input
  • Focus & concentration - great study or work tool
  • Tactile awareness & desensitisation
  • Hand function – improving fine motor, strength & circulation
  • Managing stress
  • Active listening - can increase focus & attention
  • Reducing unhelpful habits - such as nail biting, smoking, tapping, hair twirling, pen clicking & leg bouncing etc.
  • Sensory seeking substitution - finding a more socially acceptable outlet for sensory preferences


We individually check each fidget for quality before sent.  Not suitable for children under three years old.