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MEGA Oil Slick Spinning Gyro - 807 grams Kaiko Exclusive


SOOOO excited these are our new Mega Gyro Spinner, another requested design from one of our customers. We love collaborations & doing things that haven't been done before. 

A stunning visual tool, desk fidget and paper weight.   Gorgeous even when not spinning and will certainly be a talking point.  Calming to watch the gyro rotate.  Most find the lines moving mesmerising.  

Woah, these are massive & super weighted!   807 grams to be precise! Almost feels like a  shot put lol. Took us several moulds to get this size and weight to spin smoothly.  We are delighted with the end results.   Please don't throw it like one though grin.   Made from Aluminium.

Not suitable for those that might throw it if dysregulated.  

Not suitable for 3 years and under due to small interal parts. We dont recommend these due to weight and sheer size for 14 years and under.

Size Approx 85mm diameter & 75mm height   807 Grams! 

Material : Aluminium.  Please note to only use a soft microfibre cloth without product to clean as soap, sanitiser and similar chemicals can affect the colour finish and/or scratch. 

We have put a photo of a 10c coin and also our original gyro as a comparison so you can see the  massive size difference.