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Mini Clusterz - Fidget


We designed Clusterz to look like the nucleus of an atom, the hard plastic "proton" and "neutron" beads that move around a center axis. But don't let our sciency description dissuade you.

We fell in love with this stress relief fidget because it's small and transforms in your palm as you give it a squeeze. The bead clusters are connected with elastic so they always return to their original configuration.   Clusterz also fits comfortably in a pocket, in case you want to hide your fidget addiction or be more inconspicuous about your fidgeting.   


  • Tiny size - Approximately 4cm these are perfect for small hands and inconspicuous use
  • Gentle Sound - The hard plastic beads provide a quiet and soothing clacking noise. If you're looking for silence, you might need to choose a different option. 

Are you concerned that fidget toys will cause more harm than good? That they'll actually cause more distraction? You're not alone. However, many workshop and meeting attendees swear by them. They say, "OMG, with fidget toys we just had our best meeting ever!" Office fidget toys are found to create a more playful and relaxed environment, thereby reducing stress. They also use up "floating attention" -- the wandering attention that likely kept us alive in prehistoric times. Nowadays, learners who have ADD/ADHD, are naturally fidgety, or consider themselves kinesthetic learners find that fidget toys allow them to remain focused for longer periods of time and absorb new material more quickly!

Not suitable for children under three years old due to small parts, keep out of their reach.