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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders
Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders

Cog Fiddle Stick Attachment (only) - accessory for our Fiddle Sticks

Original price $29.95
Current price $24.95

NEW..... Our signature cog MEETS our fiddle stick.  Check out our WORLD EXCLUSIVE limited edition COG spinner attachment for the Fiddle Stick.  Honestly transforms the fiddle stick.  

WE promise this black accessory takes your fiddle stick to NEXT level AMAZING!!

This is an attachment for the fiddle Stick - the Fiddle Stick sold SEPARATELY.

We have had these custom made for us to screw into the same area that the spinner attachment goes (as an alternative) for our .  Honestly we promise it will be the BEST feature of your stick.    FIDDLE STICK SOLD SEPARATELY.   


Awesome feedback from customer on the cog attachment ...

Hi Jo, It's Oscar, I just wanted to say, that one of the really cool things to do is to get the cog spinning really fast and then do some tricks with the loop. It makes some really cool noises"  

Not suitable for 3 years and under.  Small parts that can be a choking risk.