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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders
Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders

Set of 6 Contoured Silicone Hand Grips - 6 Different Strengths

Original price $89.70
Current price $65.95

These are a fabulous set of 6 hand grips ranging from approx 13 kilos (30 LB) up to approx 37 kilos (80 lb) in resistance. The two firmest grips are super strong and take some real effort.  Great for regulation or handling BIG feelings.  Being silicone they feel quite velvety to the touch. 

We love it for the fidgeting & emotional regulation power these treasures hold!

"THIS SET IS GREAT!!!! At the listed price Feb 2024, FANTASTIC value for your $$$. the different weights actually feel like you're rowing up through the strengths required to squeeze these things, and I've come to learn (through playing around with them) that there are quite a few applications for them - squeezing, mini chest fly, mini pull overs and chest press whilst at your desk during work. Sounds silly i know, but for real, all possible thanks to the finger ridges in these. I suspect i will take these travelling too, good little things to get upper body blood flow going on a long flight, using just the tray table! Trewyn Feb 2024"

Not suitable for under 5 years of age.   Made from Silicone.

  • Relieve stress while you build strength!
  • Great workout for your fingers, hands, wrists and arms
  • Non-slip texture for easy grip
  • great for regulation 
  • awesome fidget tool