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What are Speks?

Magnetic Putty without the Mess!

Made from rare earth, neodymium magnets, Speks magnetic balls are possibly the most popular desk toy ever made. Speks are like magnetic putty, a stress ball and adult building blocks all in one. Mash them around for oddly satisfying stress relief or build a shape to unleash creativity. The action used for these is quite similar to squishing Blue Tac or putty. They are not tacky but satisfy the senses in a similar way for most.

We’ve found the colours wear off over time, especially as it’s hard to put these down lol, however it doesn’t affect the function or usability. It appears to wear off quicker with some hands also, due to varying chemical composition of sweat, hand sanitiser, hand and dish washing soaps used also etc.  We recommend getting the silver original ones which don’t if this is a concern. They may however, for same reasons listed above,  leave a blackish residue for some.  This is not a fault and is not covered under warranty.  

Get all 6 Elements

  • Motherboard
  • 8 Bit
  • Cheat Code
  • Game Over
  • 1 Up
  • Gigabyte

Great for at work home or study. Come with a magnetic plate to keep them on and also a small storage cube for in the pocket.

  • THE ORIGINAL AND BEST: 512 perfectly crafted miniature magnets meticulously designed for maximum fun. If you’re in need of a desktop distraction, an office status symbol or somewhere to store your nervous energy; we created Speks for you.
  • BUILDABLE, MASHABLE, SMASHABLE: Build, mold, sculpt and engineer endless shapes and satisfying structures. Then mash ‘em all up and start over again! The only limit is your imagination, flex that flux and show us what you can do.
  • SMUSH STRESS, CRUSH ANXIETY: Bring a dose of zen wherever the day takes you. Super portable and delightfully distracting, Speks are perfect for fidgety fingers. From our office of socially awkward award winners to yours, we’ve got chillin’ down.
  • MUCH MORE THAN MAGNETS: A case to carry your calm, a base to support your magnetic masterpiece, a guide to get you goin’ and a handy splitter card for more advanced endeavors are all included with your Speks.
  • AGES 14+: Keep away from all children. Magnetic flux index less than 50.

The Specs.

Size: 2.5mm magnet balls
Material: neodymium rare earth magnets

Speks are made from the rare earth element, neodymium along with some iron and boron. First they’re shaped into mini spheres, then they’re coated with a metal plating or polymer paint, and finally they go through the magnetizer. It’s cool - one minute they’re just ball bearings and the next they’re magnets. Magic.

Are Speks Safe?

Speks meet all toy and safety standards and are safe with proper use by anyone over the age of 14. their magnetic flux index rating is less than 50, however, Speks should never be put near or in your nose or mouth.

Are Speks illegal?

Speks have a magnet strength of about 90% less than those magnets and were not part of the ban. Speks are fully compliant with CPSIA Safety Standard for Magnets 16 CFR 1262.
  • ASTM
  • EN71
  • ages 14+

WARNING: Keep Away From All Children! Do not put near or in nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can pinch and stick together across intestines causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or ingested.  Speks are only for use with ages 14 plus.


What the heck do you do with Speks?

Mash Speks for Stress Relief.

Speks are like a magnetic putty, without the mess! Due to their 2.5mm size and low flux rating, these mini magnets mash around and are oddly satisfying to touch.


Build for Focus.

Need a moment of zen? Build hundreds of super cool geometric shapes with Speks. From the cube to the buckyball, Speks ed. is your go-to resource for step-by-step instructions on building with magnet balls.