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Bamboo Breath Straw - Mindful Breathing Unisex Necklace


The Stress Straw comes with a 1MM black cotton waxed cord approx 66cm in length (with lobster clasp)  which is attached with hitch knot on instruction card.
Bamboo Stress Straw Pendant: Length Approximately 5cm 
Inner Diameter Approximately 4 mm
Outer Diameter 7-10 mm

These bamboo straw necklaces are not just pieces of beautiful sustainable jewelry, but also can be used as a practical and useful wellness tool. Stress Straws are a happiness hack that use simple science to help provide all-natural, drug-free and affordable stress relief for everyone.

Stress Straws help reduce stress and anxiety by extending your exhalation to instantly overcome the unconscious biological “fight or flight” response constantly engaged by today’s endless barrage of news, social media and politics. Slowing and extending your breath using a Stress Straw may have the effect of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to help create the feelings of calm and relaxation. When you take intentional and proper long breaths, your body signals the analytical brain that there must not be any real danger and you can relax. 

Most of us are too busy or distracted to even notice our shallow breathing habits, especially when nervous, anxious or scared. Stress Straws are that reminder that teaches and forces you to breathe slower and longer by restricting your exhale. 

Being eco-friendly has never looked and felt so good! Start a conversation and receive compliments with the modern and minimalist design of our bamboo Stress Straws. This breathing pendant is incredibly environmentally friendly with very little energy or resources going into the manufacturing, shipping and packaging of our necklaces. Help be part of the solution by supporting all-natural and sustainable jewelry! With a sleek and stylish natural wooden color and polished finish, our Stress Straws look good with any outfit. Simple and attractive, these beautiful environmentally friendly breathing charms are made out of 100% all-natural and biodegradable bamboo stems currently sourced from Bali, Vietnam, China and India. We use only the highest quality non-toxic food safe bamboo with no pesticides, no chemicals, no dyes and no BPA used. The reeds we select are extremely strong yet incredibly lightweight, perfect for those with an active lifestyle or who don’t usually wear jewelry. Built for everyday use, this durable necklace will not crack, scratch, fade or break easily. Easy to clean with soap and water using a Q-tip. 

"I love this. It has helped me a lot. And I get complimented on my "necklace". People don't realise what it is which is great as well. Thank you for a quality product that helps me through my anxiety in stressful situations. Much appreciated 🙏 Melinda B August 2023"

For Hygiene reasons we are unable to accept returns for this item
STRESS STRAWS are easy to use by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

🩺Wear as a necklace to always have with you giving you a sense of comfort and reassurance just in case anxiety strikes. Stress Straws do not produce any loud noise making them perfect for work or in public. They are small and discrete for you to use whenever and wherever you need.

🌞Use throughout the day to stay calm, cool and collected.

😱Use during stressful events to help calm and slow down your thoughts possibly preventing panic or anxiety attacks.

🛏Use first thing in the morning to set a positive intention for the day and right before bed to help clear and quiet your mind to possibly fall asleep faster and sleep sounder.

🚭Use to help quit smoking or vaping by replacing the oral and hand fixation habit. Help overcome urges by taking a breath break that mimics the draw and long exhale of smoking.

🧘‍♀️Use as part of a mindfulness meditation or yoga breathing practice. Stress Straws can be a shortcut to the benefits of meditation by focusing on intentional breathing. Use in conjunction or to replace guided meditation apps or devices. Stress Straws are perfect for those who have trouble meditating by allowing you to slow your thoughts and forcing you to focus on your breath. Stress Straws are designed to only produce the natural hissing noise of the outflow of your breath allowing you to concentrate on the sound of your sustained exhalation.

Oral Sensory Aid/ Chewing Tool- Stress Straws can be mildly chewed on without splintering making them a great alternative to toothpicks. Unlike gum, Stress Straws do not contain any additives or artificial sweeteners. Stress Straws are kid friendly and may help children with hyperactive/ ASD/ ADHD/OCD/tics to concentrate and focus better. (WARNING: SMALL PARTS- CHOKING/STRANGULATION HAZARD- USE UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION ONLY- NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS OLD)