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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders
Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders

'NO TOUCH' Sunbae Sensory & Sunscreen / Cream Application Brush


The original sunscreen & other creams application brush, each brush comes with PVC storage bag which also doubles as a wonderful sensory fidget tool.  We love the multifunctonal nature of these.  Won't lie, got one for myself mainly to stim with!  That said, I do not like cream on my hands when applying it to myself or others, so wonderfully practical and sensory 'friendly' option! 

Can be used a number of ways...

HANDS FREE SUNSCREEN APPLICATOR for those that can not stand the 

  • Hands free, mess free
  • Great for children to apply their own sunscreen or moisturiser 
  • Perfect for everyday application to face and hands
  • Effective sunscreen coverage for the whole body
  • Excellent for people with sensory aversion or simply do not like being touched
  • Fast and full coverage sunscreen application

and also as a SENSORY FIDGET BRUSH, especially great for those that like to stim with hair, fabric and soft items.  

SUNBAE is the original sunscreen application brush for all who love fun in the sun above all else!    We know the importance of protecting ourselves and loved ones against the harsh Aussie sun, and we also know how inconvenient hands covered in sunscreen residue can be.   No more sticky and oily hands after your sunscreen application, using SUNBAE is comfortable, convenient and turns this task into a pleasurable, soothing and effective process.A message from the creator...

"Knowing something is good for you and actually committing to the task are two totally different things. This is how I felt about sunscreen application for most of my life. I know it is good for me, my skin and my health. But the feeling of sunscreen hands, the accidental tasting of sunscreen, the sand in between your fingers, the residue on your phone, steering wheel and generally everything you touch for an hour post sunscreen application, did not excite or encourage me to do what was best for my skin!


Q: Can I use any sunscreen with SUNBAE?

A: Yes, SUNBAE can be used with any sunscreen. Please Note: sunscreens containing alcohol may cause printed handle decal to fade or remove. 

Q: How do I clean my SUNBAE?

A: SUNBAE brushes are very easy to clean, similar to other body and make-up brushes you just need a little cleaning agent (eg. Hand soap or micellar water) and warm water. Just mix the cleaning agent and water in your hand and gently clean the bristles in the palm of your hand. Leave SUNBAE brush out of the bag to dry overnight. Clean regularly.

Q: My PVC SUNBAE bag closing mechanism isn’t working, is it broken?

A: Most likely it isn’t broken, the closing mechanism can appear to fail if there is something along the tracks preventing it from sealing 100%. Try cleaning the bag with luke warm water ensuring there is no sand or debris along the tracks.

Q: Why has the logo on my SUNBAE faded?

A: While we try to use good quality decals and printing for SUNBAE, some sunscreens containing ingredients such as alcohol, can cause the decal printing to fade or remove.
But don’t worry, you can still use your SUNBAE to apply any brand of sunscreen and be protected.