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Flappy the Squishy Duck Waddle -A 'Family' of 12

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Meet Flappy the squishy duck.  He feels velvety soft and squishy & is filled with soft foam like material.  This is a full box of a waddle of 12 Flappys.  Also sold separately.  

His super power is that he is great at 'flapping'. His neck, legs and wings all add to the flapping sensation when repetitively using him in this way.   So its a great squishy to stim with if you like to flap.  See video.  He can be gently stretched also.  He might not last a long time, especially if loved hard, but while he's with you, i promise you'll love him.  

Sometimes flappy, on the very odd occasion, comes as an amputee ie one wing missing, which makes him extra special.   If this is likely to be an issue just let us know and we can take flappy out of the box and inspect berfore we send lol.   His wings are vunerable ie dont like being pulled hard, however if come off with use generally wont impact function.  We would rather explain this up front though.  

 Due to the flexible, squishy & stretchy nature of these products, it does mean they don’t last forever. It would be awesome if they did, but unfortunately they don't...

The life expectancy of a squishy...  Due to the flexible, squishy & stretchy nature of these products, it does mean they won’t last forever. Squishies are never fun when they burst, however, burst they  WILL at some point.   We'd rather be upfront.   Depending on how they are used, they can last an hour, week or a year.  Squishies typically have a plug/join where they were filled. This is its most vulnerable spot, so if at all possible it is best to use this palm side in so the least amount of pressure is placed in the join. This will maximise its life.

With any of our squishies if they have a faulty seal you'll know about it straight away. Please note a warranty is not provided unless product is faulty on first opening. If it has lasted lasted a few days that’s not outside range & not indicative of a fault.   Generally, if handled with plug in palm and gentle they do last longer.  Their life depends also on direction of squeeze.  With filled squishies, once you find one  you love we highly recommend getting multiples so your not without one when they break. 

Approx 17 cm in length from tip of beak to feet & 9 cm from tip of wing to tip of wing.   

The contents are non-toxic however please seek medical advise if ingested. Not suitable for 3 years and under.


Outer material is TPR & inside EVA.  Non Toxic.