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EOFY Sale | Spend $100 - save 8% spend $200 - save 15% Spend $300 - save 18% Spend $500 - save 22%

Kaiko Extreme Squishy

Original price $14.95
Current price $12.95

These fabric enclosed squishies are for those that like a firm squish.  If you prefer a softer squish these arent for you. Our black Noomi Squeezibos are then perfect.   These are great for both emotional regulation and hand function.  You can really dig your fingers/nails into these.  


Inside is TPR & outside is Lycra fabric.

Not suitable for 3 and under.  


Feedback from a recent customer at an event ... (sharing with permission) 

Went back to a conference for the first time since all the lockdowns a couple of weeks ago, got home and said to my partner "I love all my Kaiko fidgets and it was awesome having them there, but I think there's a couple of gaps I could fill."    The things I told him I'd want was something to squeeze with a lot of resistance. I have one of those big bananas that's quite tough and really satisfying, but I didn't feel comfortable pulling it out in the conference, so I said if I could find something smaller that would be great.   As soon as I got the email about your new items I was like, something small with strong resistance - check!   

The ball is also perfect for squeezing when I'd normally be clenching my jaw or need to get out that nervous energy - I love the resistance (which sometimes I want without the spikey input of the cog spinner). It really is SO satisfying. (MM)

"This ball is so firm, it has become a go to when I get very agitated or annoyed. Its so good to get tension out that I bought a spare for work. As well as squeezing it I bounce it around between my hands. The nylon feels really nice and its such a good sturdy feeling ball! Susannah July 2023"

Jay A.

This is an excellent firm squishy, if you need much harder resistance than a Noomi (also great) this is your ball! Great size and colour for using in the workplace without distracting others. High quality materials, well done Kaiko. Should have bought five!  Jay A May 2023