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EOFY Sale | Spend $100 - save 8% spend $200 - save 15% Spend $300 - save 18% Spend $500 - save 22%

Komuso CLASSIC Shift - Patent Awarded Breathing Tool


Breathing is simple right? Inhale.  Exhale. Repeat.  It happens automatically.  We take more than 23,000 breaths each day without thinking about it.  Can we breathe better?  The science says yes.   Most people 'over-breathe'... are you one of them? 

Your brain & breath are connected.  Shallow breathing triggers "fight or flight" mode which can create stress and overwhelm naturally.   

Sourced all the way from the USA, the Classic Shift can help quickly reduce stress by extending your exhale & slowing down your breathing pattern. When looking for a premium metal option we were blown away by Komuso's attention to detail, quality and range.

These sleek and incredibly crafted tools silently assist in guiding long exhales that trigger the vagus nerve to calm the mind and body.  Not only do they look amazing, but wearing one can assist in creating the habit of breathing better so that you can 'do' life better...

  • Pendant & chain made from medical grade 316 high grade polished stainless steel & colour baked into it to create the gorgeous finish
  • It is approximiately 5cms in length & support a 10 second exhale
  • Circumference supports a 10 second exhale
  • Is whisper quiet so it can be used anywhere
  • Is durable so you can wear it daily
  • Designed by a breath coach & psychotherapist

For Hygiene reasons we are unable to accept returns for this item

Not suitable for 3 years and under due to small parts.