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Spinner Ring by Kaiko

Original price $59.95
Current price $49.95

We LOVE the new Kaiko Metal Spinner Ring!   It is a cross between a fidget ring and a spinner, with the added optical illusion of our gyroscope.   We haven't been this excited about a new product in our range in a while.  

"This ring gets me through every and any day. I actually bought this twice because I sadly lost my first and struggled without it. It makes a whir sound I love and I have so many ways of spinning and moving it between my fingers!  Nicola B" 

Designed to place a finger through (not the whole way)  and spin the centre with your thumb or middle finger.  The gyroscope effect on the side rotate in a mesmerising way & it has slight texture on the rim.  There is a subtle sound made by bearings as it spins that can be quite soothing.  The faster it spins, the more you hear its soft  'purr'.  

 Our new Oil Slick version is more than twice the weight of the black and silver versions, slightly larger and a whole lot more stunning lol.  

Black and Silver approx 30 grams in weight (aluminium) & Oil Slick approx 75 grams (copper). 

Not suitable for 3 and under.