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Squeezibo & Squeezibo Animal Stress Ball Fidget. Robust, weighted & satisfying squish!


Honestly one of the best & most durable squishies we have come across. 

Squeezibo's are the ultimate stress ball or fidget. At approx. 75 grams they have great weight to them as well as a firm, yet satisfying squish.   They have a super soft and durable squishy rubber inside and beautiful stretchy cotton on the outside. 

Awesome for those that are heavy handed or rough with their squishies and for school settings.   Wonderful as a therapeutic tool, in dementia care and for hand therapy. Oh DID I MENTION ... lol... We LOOOOOVE these.  

Always keep your Squeezibo handy, and when you need to let off some steam, take a deep breath, give Squeezibo your best squeeze, and relax!
It's so good you'll never want to let it out of your hands...

These are awesome for…
• Squishy lovers that don’t LOVE the fact they eventually burst… because these DON’T!
• Hand therapy
• Soothing squishy comfort
• Fidgety hands
• Emotional regulation
• Use as a focus tool.
• a gift

I promise you will NOT want to stop at one… and we don’t say this lightly…

The practical stuff....


Super durable rubber inside and a soft stretchy cotton fabric on the outside.

Size & Weight:
Diameter 6 x H5 cm   

Approx. 75 grams (dependent of design) 

    Wipe with a damp cloth, allow to dry.