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Stretchy Sand




This stretchy cotton sand feels amazing - its not sticky . Its similar to kinetic sand but stretchy - kinda like slime (but non sticky) meets kinetic sands. It is super satisfying. I promise this isn't just for kids! Adults love it also! This container is perfect hand size.

The warmer it gets in your hand the stretchier it becomes. Can add essential oils to it for extra sensory input and effect.  We have essential oil versions as well in two sizes.  

Easily vacuums up.

Comes with a little cutter shape in it as well, but to be honest I just throw this out and enjoy using it lol.

Non toxic however not suitable for under 3 years of age. approx. 132 grams in packaging (110 grams of sand alone) 

Please note over time they can lose their stretch.  They are a consumable product. Once they start to crumble it generally means they’ve lost their stretch. Over time, with frequency of use and depending on things like hand cream/sanitiser/natural oils on hands this can happen as they aren’t full of chemicals to hold it.