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The Illuminator (UV light reacting) Weighted GLOW Spinner - 100 grams

Original price $75.90
Current price $69.95

Our brand new Kaiko Illuminator spinner weighs in at 100  grams and is one of the  heaviest in our spinner line up. 

Won't lie, its the most excited we have been about a spinner in, actually... ever...

The heavy weight, premium bearings and the UV reactive strips that, when exposed to Ultra Violet light, glow/ light up -  make this both an awesome functional piece & STUNNING.   Whether its in the dark or in daylight the spinner is gorgeous.  

"Great spinning action (runs for well over four minutes on a single good boost) and is smooth and quiet. Nice size and feel, plus the oil slick look is cool. And it glows in the dark ... so what's not to love! Helen C Aug 2023"

Damian  - one of our customers and spinner obsessed expert says its "one of his favs - it span for 8 minute 20 seconds!"

Any UV torch will work but we have some available for purchase. (batteries not included).  Our torches are approx 90mm in length and have a clip to attach.  They have a variety of texture (whihc is why we selected these) that have 'fidget power' in themselves.  

Not suitable for 3 years and under due to small parts.