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Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders
Free Mystery Sensory Gift On $100+ Orders

"This Blows" Fan Plush


This plushie is not a fan of ...well ...anything. He knows things won't always be easy-breezy. When sh*t hits the fan, he's the first to throw up his blades and say,  "Well, this blows!” It's annoyed expression makes it a fan-tastic gift for anyone who gets easily irritated.

Super cute plush with a funny message.  Great gift & talking point.  Life might be trash, but this little dumpster fire is here to light-up your mood.

Punchkins plush toys are a line of giftable, collectible plushies that speak your mind with a pun-tastic punchline. They're a premium feeling pick-me-up, get-well present, swap gift, or finishing touch for the family coffee table. While Punchkins may feel like the plushies you held as a child, that's where the similarities end. Their themes range from fun and lighthearted to mischievous adult content (and everywhere in between). An ultra-soft, free-standing plush with an embroidered funny pun-chline!

Just the right amount of attitude. Makes a great gift, collectible, or decoration. 

Premium plush feels smooth to the touch.

Weighted bottoms allow Punchkins to sit upright.

Approx 22 x 14 cms