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Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

Transitions into a New School year and not easy on any child, especially our neurodiverse kids.

Planning ahead can be helpful with both sensory supports (see my top picks below) and practical things that can make it a little easier.


Make sure you have ordered the books, try on or order new uniforms & shoes, emptied and washed the lunch boxes &  done the ‘THINGS’ needed etc For many you may read this and think – Well of course or seriously??? You don’t need to remind me to do that… But I promise you there will be some that haven’t  - I WAS THAT PERSON last year…wheels fell off and I literally forgot to order 2022 books AND try on uniforms and once I pulled myself together did the mad scramble 1st week back at school to fix it… not ideal for me or the kids.  An opportunity for building resilience for kids and practicing self forgiveness for sure but don’t want to repeat that again.

Oh and yes, I also didn’t empty their bags on last day till night before school returned  - then had to do the mad scramble to by new lunch boxes as they were growing things that were beyond dealing with.

New uniforms – Washing them a number of times so they ‘feel’ more comfortable and remove tags etc

New shoes – Wear a little over holidays so they are ‘broken in’ 

New schools (we’ve done a few now lol)  - look at map and orientate

Making friends - If you know kids from their class/ new school  - arrange a catch up or two in holidays to keep/make connection

About me - Probably the top tip from me  is create an “about Me”  page written in first person with a photo  - for the new teacher  - I do this with my boys and  we include bullet points about I  struggle with, what are my triggers, what do I love/strengths, things I find helpful, fun facts about me.
    Pack bag with kids in advance - Show them where things like sunscreen/tissues/spare jocks/fidgets & sensory supports are.
      Don’t forget our emotions are high too, its stressful and can be hard to navigate…
      • I literally have friends come over a week or so before school goes back and we have wine and nibblies and contact books together.  I LITERALLY hate contacting and suck at it.  I wont lie…the laughter and the wine helps me care LESS about the big bubbles and mess I make trying to execute contacting.  I also use the plastic covers where I can I promise but some need contacting.  I just need to VENT here  - I HATE CONTACTING….
      • Get a massage, go for walks without your humans or self care in the way it makes sense for you.  I find when I fall in a big pile the sh#t hits the fan at home for EVERYONE so me being my best self (possible at the time eek) is key….
      • Remember metal health is KEY.  Always…. For you and your humans
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